Market Expansion

  • Localizaiton of web site or marketing material content into Japanese.
  • High quality translation of marketing materials for use in foreign outlets for market expansion purposes.
  • Tailoring web content or marketing materials to meet the specific needs and preferences of the Japanese target audience.
  • Interpretation for communicating with potential clients.
  • Translation of formal letters and other communications with potential or current clients.

Market Research

  • Assistance with Japanese language focus groups, industry research, and product feasibility study.
  • Preparation and management of online focus groups and analysis of data.
  • Analysis of research results and advice on strategy.
  • Conduct product/business feasibility study.
  • Support for trade show participation: arrangement of trade show participation and administrative support.

Targeted Company/Industry Research

  • Product and service feasibility study to determine the potential for success in Japan for your business.
  • Assistance in finding an alliance or partner company in Japan for the formation of a joint venture.

Creative Writing

  • Creation of press releases / media packages appropriate for the Japanese audience.