Japanese Document Review

  • Provide advice on approximate time and numbers of reviewers necessary to complete review based on volume of Japanese documents.
  • Provide advice on setting appropriate coding fields in electronic document review platform based on specific needs of the case.
  • Review and coding of documents on electronic document review platform.
  • Review of hard copy documents.
  • Provide advice and assistance in organizing high volume of documents.
  • Triage reviewed documents in order of significance and priority for translation.
  • Provide brief summaries of significant documents to enable case attorneys to review documents as quickly as possible.
  • Privilege review to be performed by attorney on staff.
  • Project Management
    • Assistance in preparing for Japanese language document review project, including review of resumes and conduct interviews to determine Japanese language proficiency of candidates.
    • Assistance in training Japanese language document reviewers.
    • Quality control by providing performance reviews of Japanese reviewers, and progress reports to the managing attorney.
    • Provide advice on setting reasonable quotas and monitoring the quality of work being produced.

On-Call Liaison Translation

  • Quick turn-around translation service for email communications.
  • Accelerate communication between case attorneys and their clients, avoiding misunderstandings that are often created by communicating only in English.
  • No need to have in-house translators; use our On-Call Liaison Translation service on an as-needed basis.

Document Translation

  • High quality translation of Japanese documents into English and vice versa.
  • Holistic approach to translation means not only the words contained within the document are translated from one language to another, but that the context of the document and the subtle nuances are translated as well.
  • Documents translated and reviewed to ensure readiness for use by case attorneys in interviews and depositions, and for production to the authorities or to other law firms.


  • Interpretation for attorney-client meetings, depositions (lead/check), witness preparation and interviews by government authorities.